“The concept is to provide organizations and brands the opportunity to have an exquisitely branded golf towel that preserves & flaunts your logo for an extended period of time” 

The 2 Designs:

1. PANORAMIC Golf Towel


2. Waterproof Golf Towel


The Design – Fashion meets functionality


The outer visible layer is made from either a woven or waterproof fabric. The inner cleaning layer consists of a toweling fabric. This provides a clean neat look on the outside and a cleaning surface on the inside.

The Concept – Protecting your logo for a prolonged period of time.


The TuxTowel™ is an ideal marketing tool for your company or golf club, as the towel gets branded with your specific logo. The woven fabric provides an ideal surface for embroidering, thereby protecting the identity of your company for an extended period of time.

This also prevents your logo from being ruined when used as the cleaning surface, and thus ensuring that it looks great for the lifespan of the golf towel. Just wash the entire product and iron the woven fabric, and it comes out looking brand new.

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