Job Opportunities

For On-Course Retail openings and opportunities please email all CV’s to either Hendrik de Vos or Yolandi de Lange

For Head Office openings please email CV’s to Mark Anders

Our Culture

As a sales and marketing organisation we are always in search of dynamic individuals that are leaders in their field. The ideal candidate possesses the following attributes:

• Has a passion for excellence and achievement in all that they do
• Has a ‘can do’ attitude towards all tasks
• Is honest and open
• Is intelligent and astute
• Challenges the ordinary and is a good team player
• Sees opportunity where others see obstacles
• Senses new business opportunities

Our recruitment drive includes recent graduates and experienced professionals with aligned qualifications and job experience. As a company we offer a variety of positions in various roles performing different functions: These include administration, consultants, marketing, sales, finance, human resources and various management positions.

Equal Opportunities & Fair Employment Statement

It is the group’s intention to provide fair and equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants. Global Golf will recruit without regard to race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, marital status, age or disability, provided that there is a suitable job advertised and the applicant fulfills the requirements for the job within the company.

Privacy policy

Any information which you submit to Global Golf by means of this online application form may be retained for purposes of considering your qualifications for employment.

Global Golf may send your information to a to another company or development partner other than the one in which you may have initially been interested in obtaining employment. If either Global Golf or the company does not employ you, the company may nevertheless retain and use this information so as to be able to consider your qualifications later if a suitable position becomes available and, if appropriate, refer back to this if you submit a resume or other information to Global Golf again in the future.

The personal information you supply through the application form will only be made available to the recruitment officer and other members of management who may interview you. By submitting your information, you acknowledge that all representations made by you are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief, and you have not knowingly omitted any related information of an adverse nature. You understand that any inaccurate information may make you ineligible for employment.

By submitting your information, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the foregoing and consent to the uses of your information as set out above.