Shirt Sublimation


Customized apparel has boomed all over the world in the last 10 years we are offering it to you in South Africa. Custom designed corporate wear has become a fantastic alternative when looking for high-quality prints on particularly golf shirts and we are able to offer you a one stop solution.

We at Global Golf are now able to offer CUSTOMIZED shirt sublimation at an exceptionally good price to absolutely anyone…there is no need to look anywhere else.


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Sublimation printing is a process which transfers heat allowing a paper release liner to print using sublimation dyes. When heat is added the printed image transforms into gas, which in turn prints the image onto the golf shirt or clothing item. Up until now this technology has only been available in the cycling industry with high, restrictive set-up fees and minimum orders. Today, with our new full color sublimated decoration, Global Golf is offering you the opportunity to enjoy vibrant, full-color designs on your golf shirts and other items.

Global Golf, Ahead & Rhode Island are able to offer corporate businesses ANY customized image/logo/design sublimated onto primarily golf shirts and also towels, glasses, mugs etc.


Shirt sublimation is brilliant on polyester fabrics as these fabrics allow colours to be displayed in a clear, bright manner. The best colour golf shirt or item to print on is white, however you will be able to choose from absolutely any colour you wish and have it customized to your specific preference.

Shirt sublimation can be very expensive, especially when ordering large quantities, but Global Golf & Rhode Island provide this optimum service at an exceptionally affordable price. Whether you are looking for 50 or 500 shirts we are able to meet your requirements.

* Minimum order quantity of 80 shirts/units required
* Turnaround time can be up to 6 weeks if large order
* 50% deposit required once artwork approved by customer
* If requiring a sample there will be a R500 once-off sample cost, this will be credited if placing a subsequent order with us