Global Golf’s business model is comprised of its core business, which is large stock orders from America supplying corporate golf days, branded apparel, and headwear for golf clubs throughout South Africa. Employing over 100 staff members, the company has been focused on lifestyle and golf apparel, predominantly knit and woven shirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters, luggage, and headwear.

The retail division of the company, which has shown tremendous growth over the last 10 years, sells upmarket apparel that is well-presented, fashionable, and functional. The division manages and runs 23 on-course high-end retail shops around the country and Global Golf has made the selling of logo products a specialized and profitable business.

The Company

The Global Golf brand began in the late 1990s when founder and CEO Langley Perrins spotted a gap in the golf market after his return from the United States of America. This is where he spent most of his years working and building his network as he tried to rise up the amateur ranks.

Perrins played on the Sunshine Tour for over 10 years without much success and eventually started his own business called Active Bullet, which imported gloves, tees, and David Leadbetter training aids.

Further ventures followed in the equipment industry, first with Dale Hayes and Bullet Golf and then with Tony Rice and Mizuno. In 1996, while paging through an American golf magazine, Perrins came across adverts for Cutter & Buck and had the idea of bringing upmarket golf apparel to South Africa. He contacted the company and traveled to America to set up the deal. It was immediately successful and became the benchmark in this country for high-end apparel, which Global Golf then expanded into its own stores. “The decision to partner golf clubs and resorts in running their pro shop operation has been very beneficial for both parties,” says Perrins. “Clubs wouldn’t normally buy high-end merchandise, but we take the risk because we know what we are doing. We believe in our products and have the merchandising techniques to sell them off the shelves.”

Perrins is also a partner and shareholder in Prestige Brands in Australia and New Zealand, which follows the same business model as Global Golf.

Founder & CEO
Langely Perrins

Managing Director
Mark Anders

Retail Director
Craig Comins

Chief Financial Officer
Franco Cloete

Sales Director
Mike Askew

Callaway Director
Riaan Spanenberg

Nike & Mizuno Director
Ian Eveleigh